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Posted by Russkere - December 16th, 2018

Hello Everybody! my name is Russ Erwin aka Russkere! I'm a refugee from the Great Tumblr Purge, and I'm trying to find a home at Newsgrounds, which I was referred to. I do Commissions; here's my rates:

Hi! I’m Russkere and I’m shamelessly hawking my art here! My art focuses primarily on parodies of women in trouble, including, but Limited to… Superherorines! Popular TV and Movie characters! …Popular Commercials! Women in uniform! -Sports! And my favorite, CHEERLEADERS!!!! The art runs from pinups… …All kinds of Sex… Monster /tentacle sex… you name it!.

I do art commissions as well …contact me at ruwin@prodigy.net or check out my Commission section for rates and policies! If you’re interested, check out my Patreon@. www.patreon.com/russkere and dollar support me
to see more of my NSFDA work. I realize that you have your choice of amateur art to buy, and I thank you for making my DA site a part of your busy day!  [:)] !

Commissions Rates/Policies

$20 USD / colored picture. (1-2 characters) . Additional characters, $5USD / 

- I pride my self in giving you good work for a fair price. While I am in no way 
God’s gift to art, if you’ve seen my art, I’m assuming you like what you see.

-I can send it to you through e-mail. Once the art is done it is YOUR property. 
I will not use them if you do not want me to. If I don’t hear anything from you, 
I will assume that you do not have a problem with me using it for advertising 

-Send the money through PayPal using this email address: ruwin@prodigy.net
-As for what I'll draw, I reserve the right to not draw something. You’ve seen 
what I draw, so I’m assuming that you like my work and you have an idea of what 
I’ll draw. Just for those in the back seats though, I will not draw ANYTHING TO 
DO WITH CHILDREN! We all have that line we won’t cross, and that’s mine.

What I need from you:

- A description of what you want drawn; References help. I will send you a rough 
draft of your subject. Once you are happy with the rough draft, SEND THE MONEY, and I will start/finish 
the piece. When it is done, I’ll let you know, and I’ll send the finished art 
when I receive the money. Any questions please let me know!

-An e-mail address, so I can send you rough drafts, ask questions, etc...
- A statement from you that you are over 18 years of age and this is legal for 
adults to view where you live .